Soap Opera Weekly 3/98

"Trying on Motherhood for Size"

"It's going to be 18 months of pregnancy," Sarah Brown (Carly) says, laughing. She is referring to having become pregnant with her first child shortly before Carly gave birth to Michael in December. "That's the only bummer about it. But I got to see how fat I was going to get ahead of time, wearing that (pregnancy) pad, so it's not exactly a total shock."

Brown, whose own baby is due this summer, says she thinks that playing the mother of a baby who is missing "is going to be really scary, and also really interesting, because I have heard people say that once you have a child yourself, you can never ever again watch a show where children are murdered or kidnapped. So I think the whole storyline is going to be difficult for me, but also insightful."

The other side of the coin is the opportunity Brown is having to be closely involved with Michael, played by Blake and Dylan Hopkins. "I've always had a big, soft heart for kids, but there really is a special thing I feel when I hold that little baby and he touches my stomach at the same time. I feel this connection. It's almost like he feels my baby or my baby feels him and the three of us have this little circle of love. He is the most adorable, incredible baby to work with. He's starting to recognize my voice, and I can make him laugh and everything. I'm starting to feel like Carly. I love him."

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