Editors' Choice Salute
January 4, 2000

On soaps, an illicit one-night stand is rarely about sex. Okay, it is during the act, but then it becomes much more about consequences-consequences, mind you, that are seldom positive. In the end, someone is invariably left betrayed and brokenhearted.

What was so powerfully astonishing about GH's Sonny sleeping with sworn enemy Carly - and a stunned Jason discovering this-was that everyone involved was left feeling betrayed and brokenhearted, but in very distinctive ways. For Jason, the sight of the woman he loves having so obviously just rolled out of bed with the man he considers his best friend and mentor, destroyed the two most important relationships in his life. For Carly, being confronted by the sight of Jason standing in the living room of Sonny's penthouse as she walked downstairs in Sonny's shirt meant hurting the man she loved most and losing any chance she'd had of winning him back. And for Sonny, whose self-loathing over having slept with Carly and "stolen" his best friend's woman was so overwhelming, he reacted by simply shutting down.

As if the sight of the three of them facing the ramifications of what Carly and Sonny had done wasn't enough, GH compounded Jason's emotional pain by later revealing that he had also been shot during an ambush meant for Sonny. (Kudos, by the way, to GH for their intense Godfather-esque intercutting of the sex scenes and the gunfight scenes.) Alone and injured, Jason staggered through the snowy night, while back at the penthouse, Sonny and Carly turned on each other "You served yourself on a silver platter," he snarled. "Go to hell!" she spat. "Don't you get it?" exclaimed Sonny. "That's where we both belong."

And that's where they'd stay. Unable to rationalize what they had done, Sonny and Carly found themselves incapable of coping with the pain they'd inflicted. "You're a two-bit whore," he railed. "And I'm worse...a trap door to a black hole." "You're right," taunted a departing Carly. "You are worse than me. You're the lowest."

In a poignant turn, it was Liz who found a unconscious Jason lying in the snow just outside the boxcar where he'd once lived. Panicked, she summoned Sonny, who immediately rushed to the scene. "Why didn't you tell me you were shot?" a guilt-ridden Sonny, whispered to his ailing friend. "When was I supposed to mention it?" Jason replied wryly. Talk about a shot through the heart.

Naturally, the impending departure of powerhouse actor Steve Burton makes the scenes that transpired between him and combustible co-stars, Maurice Benard and Sarah Brown, all the more affecting. How Jason will leave remains to be seen, as does what will become of the tryst between Sonny and Carly. We're sure none of the parties involved will get any satisfaction out of the one-night stand that started us down this path, but judging by the explosive storytelling and evocative acting that have accompanied this tale so far, the fans sure will.

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