"Sonny Confronts Carly, General Hospital"
SOD, March 21, 2000
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 You could almost hear it—like a foreboding thunder that rolls across the sky just before a downpour is about to occur: the realization of GH's brooding mob boss, Sonny, that Carly is pregnant by him.

Knowing their characters as well as they do, GH prudently chose not to draft out the time that it took this all-too-wise wiseguy to figure out that he had an unborn child out there to be claimed. Clue No. 1 came in a conversation between Sonny and Bobbie, where she came thisclose to spilling the beans about daughter Carly's paternity pickle. Sonny knew something was up…but what?

He found out only days later when a cocky AJ approached him outside Kelly's with an erroneous message for Jason. "Tell Jason that Carly is pregnant with my child," AJ sneered, unaware he'd inadvertently tipped off the one man who could bring down his house of cards.

Ever cool, Sonny only let us see him sweat after AJ left. A shaken Sonny flashed back to his torrid one-night stand with Carly…to a prior conversation with Jason…to his odd encounter with Bobbie in the park. He knew. But what would he do about it?

Timed poetically with the stilted Valentine's celebration going on at the Qs, Sonny (who had his suspicions confirmed by an appropriately disapproving Bobbie) arrived at the mansion looking to speak to Carly alone. Needless to say, there was no love directed at him—especially from Carly, who could only pray Sonny was there to drop off a Hallmark.

No such luck. "Why would you want to speak to my wife?" AJ demanded. "Why?" Sonny calmly replied. "Because she's pregnant with my child." (Note that few actors can pack such understated power as Sonny's endlessly charismatic portrayer, Maurice Benard.)

As is usually the case with the Qs, all hell broke loose in under 1.6 seconds. "Why can't you just leave me along?" Carly hissed at Sonny. The requisite yelling commenced, but it was the riveting connection between the incendiary Sarah Brown (Carly) and Benard that we couldn't take our eyes off of. "We don't really need a blood test, do we?" Sonny rhetorically asked Carly. "Because we both know what it's going to prove."

In an unexpected twist, Carly admitted the truth. "The baby is yours, Sonny," she revealed, prompting a litany of disparaging remarks from the Qs. (And what was better than Alan saying to a holier-than-thou Monica, "What would happen if I threw you out the first time you slept with someone? Or the second…or the third?")

After the histrionics, Carly and Sonny were left alone. It was in this moment that our appetite was truly whetted for what the future would hold for this shaky "family." Rather than berate Carly, Sonny quietly ordered her to "take care of that baby." The obvious tie Sonny already feels to his unborn child was both touching and appropriate.

Sure, there are few things better than seeing Brown and Benard tangle on-screen (and we don't just mean between the sheets). But what is even more compelling is our glimpse into how much more formidable their chemistry can be when their characters actually connect emotionally.

So, forget the thunder. Having seen the burgeoning bond between stormy Sonny and Carly, an entirely different force of nature is approaching…

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