Classic Moment
Carly's Miscarriage On GH
Soap Opera Weekly
June 27, 2000

Sonny and Carly have at least one thing in common to be with or around either one of them is akin on a wild and dangerous roller coaster. Put them together, and you have the makings for one highly unstable and combustible ride. This reality should have prepared us for the tragically shocking turn their unlikely courtship took when Carly miscarried after a violent confrontation with A.J. But thanks in no small part to Maurice Benard's and Sarah Brown's (Sonny and Carly) devastating performances during and after the loss of their unborn child, we were hit right between the eyes.

Having the scorned "ex" be responsible for the miscarriage was classic soap opera at its finest - it served to further up the ante in the ongoing domestic conflict. Factor in that Sonny is an emotional wild card and an established lethal figure in organized crime, and the potential repercussions escalate to life-or-death proportions.

This was not lost on sweet Q matriarch Lila, who intervened in her grandson's behalf in an attempt to forestall deadly retribution. In a touching scene in the hospital waiting room, Anna Lee poignantly portrayed Lila as nothing more than a concerned grandmother as she quietly used her wisdom and charm to bring Sonny around to her way of thinking - without resorting to manipulation or patronization.

Last, but not least, Billy Warlock (A.J) remained true to form throughout the sequence, conveying just the right amount of regret and remorse for what he truly believed to be a blameless, albeit tragic, accident. At the same time, he remained strong and stalwart in preventing everyone else from making him take one more ounce of responsibility than he felt he deserved.

At first, the idea of yet another soap miscarriage seemed pointless and cliched. But looking ahead, one can see myriad story possibilities this tragedy has generated. Will Carly and Sonny's relationship stand on its own two feet, sans the glue of a shared child? Will this finally be the wake-up call A.J. needs to turn himself around, or will it push him further toward ruination? Will yet another loss of another unborn child plunge Sonny into a relapse of his depression? And what about Carly's own tremendous mental health?

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