Bad Bad Sarah Brown... Baddest Girl In The Whole Darn Town (Of Port Charles)!

Daytime TV Magazine- April 1997

Sarah Brown certainly knows how to make her presence known! She breezed into Port Charles as master manipulator Carly Roberts, and managed to ruin the marriage of Bobbie and Tony Jones (Jackie Zeman and Brad Maule) in one felled swoop!

What will she do for an encore? "I don't think Carly came to Port Charles with the intention of ruining Bobbie's life," starts Sarah. "I think she wanted to tell Bobbie who she was and have her accept her and love her, but things just turned sour, so Carly immediately got put on the defensive and went about business as usual! Tony was a completely different story. She really didn't want to fall for the guy," explains Sarah, "but now he is the most important thing in her life-more important than destroying Bobbie and she wants to hold onto him and in order to do that, she has to protect her secret."

Secrets usually have a way of revealing themselves, especially on soaps, but luckily the only other person that knows Carly is really Bobbie's daughter is Luke (Tony Geary), and he had already told Bobbie her daughter was dead! "I think Luke really likes the spirit he sees in Carly. He sees some of the Spencer blood running through her, and that excites him. He sees a bit of himself in her," says Sarah.

Don't think Sarah isn't grateful to have broken into the soap world, and onto a major show like General Hospital.

"I feel extremely lucky to have landed this role. Not only do I get to act on a superior show, but to get thrown into working with the A-list like Brad (Maule) and Jackie (Zeman), it is just unbelievable!", declares Sarah. "The fans have been so wonderful as well. I was expecting people to start hitting me and screaming at me," she chuckles, "but honestly, most people have given me a pat on the shoulder and told me they really liked my character. They say, 'She's bad but we like her!'"

This might be Sarah's first soap opera experience but for two years prior to the arrival of Carly Roberts, Sarah was potraying a Lois Lane type character on a children's show called V.R. Troopers. "The show is sort of a spinoff of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, except not as popular," explains Sarah. "They (the producers) were trying to reach an older audience-but college kids weren't buying the merchandise, which was a main reason why the show failed. It is still seen in syndication though," she says enthusiastically.

Though Sarah doesn't have much in common with her alter-ego Carly, it is safe to say that her childhood was anything but average! "I lived on a commune until I was four years old and I went to thirteen different schools before I graduated high school. I never really had time to put down roots or make friends that lasted," Sarah states matter-of-factly. "I was finally able to have some sense of normal life when I got accepted to the School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, that's were my life really began. I look back on my childhood now, and I have so much to draw from, more than most people have-they can only use their imagination. I feel that I have a leg up in that respect."

Adverse situations seem to follow Sarah around, even now. Most recently, Sarah and her roommate were inside their apartment when it caught on fire. "We were both OK, but basically my life went up in smoke. I had to move back home with my mom," she laughs, "but we're like best friends, so that's really cool." That is something you definitely wouldn't hear Carly saying about her mother!

Well, Ms Brown will definitely have her hands full these next few months when her character Carly's storyline kicks into overdrive! Though Tony did leave his wife for her, what will happen once he finds out that he is actually sleeping with Bobbie's daughter? "Carly is scared to death of the the truth coming out," Sarah explains. "She doesn't believe Tony will be able to forgive her, she is so afraid that once he finds out her secret, he'll dump her in a second. She is so insecure that people don't know whether to hate her or feel sorry for her!"

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