SOD - Performer of the Week- 12/97

Sarah Brown has never had an easy job as General Hospital's Carly. Since the day she blew into Port Charles, Sturm and Drang has been her schtick. But it's those moments when Brown really gets to let loose and play Carly for the insecure guttersnipe she is, that we're reminded, not only of how much Brown deserved the Emmy she won last year, but how much she deserves a second one. (Bookends?)

After two years of systematically screwing up the lives of everyone around her, Carly learned of Tony's custody suit and self-destructed in a blaze of hell fire. Rather than pleading with him to forgive her, Brown led us down the low road and never looked back. Carly fought back, and did she fight dirty. Slamming Tony on every aspect of their relationship, including his sexual prowess (ouch), Carly topped off her splenetic venting with the "admission" that Jason was her baby's father. But her story didn't end there- it just got better. Carly went to Jason, spilled her entire life story and convinced him to perpetuate her charade. Once again, this time through the unlikely alliance of Carly and Jason, Brown managed to give Carly just enough humanity to keep viewers from tossing tomatoes at the screen.

But that's the secret to Brown's superlative acting. We know we should hate Carly, but we also know her machinations are born out of heartache. Perhaps being a mom will change her for the better, especially once she makes peace with Bobbie. But that's another story...

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