Soap Opera Weekly- Applause, Applause

Jacklyn Zeman and Sarah Brown- Outstanding Performers for the Week of Feb. 2, 1998

By Linda Susman

Thanks to a fastidious setup and a plethora of publicity, it was no surprise that the tag of the Friday, Feb. 6 episode would be Carly telling Bobbie that she is her daughter. In every scene they shared throughout the week, Jacklyn Zeman and Sarah Brown upped the ante for this long-awaited mother of all reveals.

Over the past 20 years, the often ambiguous setbacks and satisfactions of Bobbie's life have required Zeman to cull from a wellspring of conflicting emotions and reactions. On the threshold of this climactic moment, however, Zeman firmly planted Bobbie's feet on the high road, allowing the humanity borne of hard knocks and a charitable heart to set the tone. The harder Carly pushed, the more Bobbie resisted. Ultimately, when she could no longer ignore Carly's baiting, Bobbie switched gears. In a magnificently poised and eloquent response, Bobbie related the circumstances of her pregnancy and her limitless love for the child she had to give up.

As Bobbie spoke, the truth of her words played out on Carly's face, every wounded and unlovable fiber of her being displayed in a montage of conflicted emotion. As Zeman turned to face her, Brown made a truly exquisite acting choice, instantly suppressing all traces of Carly's unexpected understanding and compassion, unable yet to shed the icy cloak of her misguided hatred. Then, in desperation, and longing now for her own child, Carly reached out to Bobbie. After trudging a mile through snow-blocked streets together- and smack in the middle of the crowded Port Charles Grill- Bobbie placed the baby in Carly's arms.

In that moment, Zeman, who has two daughters, and Brown, who is pregnant with her first child, delivered the mother lode.

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