Soap Opera Magazine- 1996

A Study in Brown
by Robyn Flans

Straight-talking Sarah Brown admits she didn't think she was just what the doctor ordered when she was asked to screen test for the role of Carly on General Hospital. With seven other actresses testing with Steve Burton (Jason) -including his real-life girlfriend - she says she felt her chances of getting the part were nil.

Being on daytime, says the young actress, who got her big break playing Kaitlin on the kids' show VR Troopers, has "given me a kick in the pants to remember what acting is all about.

"But video is the most unforgiving medium I've worked in," she laments. "It adds 10 lbs. to you. Film adds weight, too, but video thickens you. I have a very muscular body, so it scares me.

"But I don't believe in the Wonder Bra or plastic surgery or fake breasts," she adds. It's not the way I want to be perceived by the media - or children.

"I want to be an example for kids and let them know that no matter where you come from, from whatever adverse situation, if you have your eye on a goal, it's absolutely obtainable."

Sarah was born on a hippie commune in Eureka, Calif. Her parents went through a bitter divorce when she was 4.

"I remember Mom not being there anymore, and it was scary," she reveals. "My dad got custody and it ruined my mother's life. But I learned how important it is to depend on yourself- and to expect she worst and hope for the best."

Acting gave her a welcome focus - and by the time she was in high school, Sarah was getting up every day at 4 a.m. for a two-hour commute each way to the High School for the Performing Arts at Cal State in Los Angeles.

"I began to realize the life that I'd led, as much as I despised it, was exactly what was going to make me a good actress- somebody with depth of emotion," she declares.

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